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B-I Industrial Co., Ltd.

The company B-I Industrial had been founded more than 20 years ago.

In 1994 calibration service for gas detectors was the very first service mainly done domestically.

In 1997 B-I Industrial was the first company to acquire the patent for transportable standard gas system.

In 2015 B-I Industrial acquired MED, KR, IECEx, ATEX, Ex-proof certificate for domestic and several international patents.

B-I Industrial is known for assuring product quality and pursuing an honest and impeccable business model.

Considerable investment and passion have been devoted to fire and gas detection over the last decade so that B-I Industrial now possess leading technology along with numerous international patents and certificates.

Particularly, Fire Safety System code Ch.9-2.1.6 is satisfied solely by B-I Industrial and two domestic patents with two cases of pending international patents display their competence in this field.

Moreover, additions of Chinese class society and SIL-2 (Safety Integrity Level) certificates to existing MED, LR, KR, KG certificates will certainly broaden B-I Industrial’s application possibilities.

Being a designated supplier to most of major shipyards including Hyundai Heavy Industries, DSME, Samsung Heavy Industries and being the sole domestic manufacturer for LNG carriers under Korea Gas Corporation, presents B-I Industrial with great responsibilities. B-I Industrial also recently commenced supplying to EPC companies that mainly take part in industrial plants.

Today, B-I Industrial provides the following products:

  • Fire Detection System BDS-4000
  • Fire & Gas Detection System BDS-2000
  • Portable Gas Detector
  • Water Ingress Alarm System WIDS-2000
  • Smoke Sampling System DS-2000
  • Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System BNWAS-2000
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System CEMS-4000 for SOx scrubbers
  • Wash water monitor
  • Calibration Services
  • Temperature & Pressure Calibrator
  • Open path, laser open path and point IR gas detector
  • Flame Detector

The model BDS-4000 is a New Fire Detection System designed to meet different industrial characteristics and International Maritime Regulations. B-I Industrial is sure that clients will be satisfied with the New Fire Detection BDS-4000 which is an updated model of BDS- 2000, BDS-2100 and BDS-3000. The free arrangement and unlimited quantities of different types of detectors analysing many different kinds of gases is one of the most important features.

The BDS-2000 Gas & Fire Detection System is a real time monitoring system to analyse flammable gases, toxic gases and smoke in hazardous areas. The system is an intrinsically safe smoke detection system (Ex ia llc T4) and of internal pressure explosion proof type (Ex id llc T4) of gas detection system able to be installed in hazardous areas, pump rooms, cargo holds, air conditioning systems in accommodation areas etc.

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