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naniwa pump

Since their establishment in 1951 Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd’s goal is to become the world's premier supplier of marine engine room pumps.

In recent years, Naniwa Pump has made significant progress toward the achievement of their vision by acquiring the top share in the Chinese market, which has the world’s largest annual shipbuilding volume. Naniwa Pump has also turned their focus to the area of rapidly-changing marine environmental regulations by launching the Naniwa Ecological Operation Project, a project focused on innovation in environmental conservation and energy efficiency issues. The results of this have already led to sales of new products that have been installed in many kinds of ships.

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K.C. Ltd, established 1986, has devoted itself to design and produce corrosion protection, anti-fouling and such relevant equipments. 

K.C. Ltd has numerous supply references to worldwide well-known shipping and shipbuilding companies. Their systems are installed on several thousand vessels.

K.C. Ltd delivers outstanding quality using specialized production management system and accumulated production know-how.

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Since its establishment in 1981, Kangrim Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has grown into a global company that produces world number one marine boilers and LNG pipe installations, other marine equipment and plant equipment.

Kangrim has been leading the new product development with quality innovation. In addition, Kangrim received worldclass product awards for their products including marine boiler, LNG pipe insulation and others from the Korean government. In this way, Kangrim‘s technology has been recognized from domestic and foreign customers.



Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd., established in 1987 is a professional manufacturer of marine equipments and offshore structures such as accommodation ladder, wharf ladder, window wiper, CVS, davits and helidecks

Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd. provides high quality products for the worldwide shipbuilding market based on excellent technology and reliability.

Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd.'s reasonable business, outstanding manufacturing technologies, high quality raw materials and price competitiveness have resulted to become a primary business partner to the top shipbuilding companies worldwide.


Hyundai Himsen

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JL Marine, established 2003 in Singapore, strives to be the market leader and the preferred supplier of HVAC and Provision Systems to the Marine and Offshore industries. JL Marine provides engineering design, supply, installation, servicing, testing and commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration Provision Systems.

JL Marine designs and produces reliable and high efficiency HVAC system incorporating energy saving and environmental friendly refrigerant. JL Marine’s design comes with option for refrigerant leakage monitoring, recovery and refrigerant management system which is in line with clean notation requirement, it is part of JL Marine’s commitment to be green and helps to preserve the environment.




Since its foundation in 1974, as the manufacturer of air compressor & related product for the marine, petrochemical and power generation industry, DongHwa Pneutec has been focused on research & development, product performance improvement as well as new product development while establishing the most competitive facilities and production processes.

The expert of air compressor with the advanced research and development capability and outstanding ability, DongHwa Pneutec achieved the air compressed system technology and skilled manufacturing technology to serve the high efficiency and high quality products to our customers. The excellent service of DongHwa Pneutec makes the end-user easy to use our products for long period of time.

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Dae Han Rope

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The company B-I Industrial had been founded more than 20 years ago.

In 1994 calibration service for gas detectors was the very first service mainly done domestically.

In 1997 B-I Industrial was the first company to acquire the patent for transportable standard gas system.

In 2015 B-I Industrial acquired MED, KR, IECEx, ATEX, Ex-proof certificate for domestic and several international patents.

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Techmarine S/W Co., LTD.

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Since Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.'s establishment as a manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use in 1917, they have built up a wealth of experience over 100 years. Today, Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. delivers highly reliable electric equipment and machinery for a large variety of vessels, from fishing boats and small vessels for coastal service, to large vessels including container ships for overseas service and passenger vessels, and bulk carriers and large tankers such as VLCC.

As a leading manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use, Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells electric equipment and machinery, including generators, various electric motors, ventilation fans, switchboards, starters and engine control consoles as well as system products such as thyristor-type shaft generating systems and inverter control systems.



PANASIA is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy supplying facility, a leader in the global market, with their key competencies of development and product expansion have led to the development of marine and air environment protection and the provision of new renewable energy sources. Through ongoing innovation and change, PANASIA is providing new value generation and quality services to their customers. PANASIA operates local subsidiaries in Europe, China, and Japan, and strengthening global competitiveness by working closely with representatives from all over the world.

PANASIA will continue their journey in opening a brighter future with systematic quality management systems, strong belief in principles, and passionate staff who continue to overcome industry challenges.


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