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naniwa pump

Since their establishment in 1951 Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd’s goal is to become the world's premier supplier of marine engine room pumps.

In recent years, Naniwa Pump has made significant progress toward the achievement of their vision by acquiring the top share in the Chinese market, which has the world’s largest annual shipbuilding volume.

 Naniwa Pump has also turned their focus to the area of rapidly-changing marine environmental regulations by launching the Naniwa Ecological Operation Project, a project focused on innovation in environmental conservation and energy efficiency issues. The results of this have already led to sales of new products that have been installed in many kinds of ships.

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Headquartered in Japan’s Setouchi region, the centre of the country’s shipbuilding industry, Nakashima Propeller is a manufacturer of marine propulsion equipment boasting a leading share in marine propellers.

Nakashima seeks to offer a full range of services catering to each ship’s entire lifecycle while achieving fuel efficiency to reduce the burden on the environment.

Nakashima Propeller works to contribute to the world, beyond the realm of its industry.

Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd. pursues optimal product creation with confidence and pride. They hope to share their activities with people and leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Nakashima Propeller’s products support the safe operation of ships all over the world Marine-related products including propellers and thrusters.

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LHE was founded as DHT in July 2001 and changed its company name to LHE in 2006, leaping forward as a worldwide leading company in the heat exchanger sector.

Since its foundation, LHE has been making specific efforts such as continuous industry-university-research joint projects in order to overcome the limitations on the use of existing plate heat exchangers (ex. difficulties in use at high temperatures and high pressures) and to develop more efficient heat exchangers.

LHE’s continuous and diverse efforts have become into secured world-class facilities with 50,000 ton and 25,000 ton hydraulic presses, enabling high-quality heat plates to be manufactured with greater productivity.

LHE started as a small venture company that overcame weak production facilities with only customer trust and excellent technology while winning orders for difficult projects (crystallizer reactor, Heating & Cooling). Later on LHE was able to design and manufacture the world's best hydraulic press with its own technology. It took a lot of trials and errors and endless efforts to reach the scale.

LHE rewards customers with leading technology and the best quality. LHE's quality policy is to supply the best products that can satisfy customer requirements.

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K.C. Ltd, established 1986, has devoted itself to design and produce corrosion protection, anti-fouling and such relevant equipments. 

K.C. Ltd has numerous supply references to worldwide well-known shipping and shipbuilding companies. Their systems are installed on several thousand vessels.

K.C. Ltd delivers outstanding quality using specialized production management system and accumulated production know-how.

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Since its establishment in 1981, Kangrim Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. has grown into a global company that produces world number one marine boilers and LNG pipe installations, other marine equipment and plant equipment.

Kangrim has been leading the new product development with quality innovation.

In addition, Kangrim received worldclass product awards for their products including marine boiler, LNG pipe insulation and others from the Korean government. In this way, Kangrim‘s technology has been recognized from domestic and foreign customers.

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Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd., established in 1987 is a professional manufacturer of marine equipments and offshore structures such as accommodation ladder, wharf ladder, window wiper, CVS, davits and helidecks

Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd. provides high quality products for the worldwide shipbuilding market based on excellent technology and reliability.

Jung-A Marine Co., Ltd.'s reasonable business, outstanding manufacturing technologies, high quality raw materials and price competitiveness have resulted to become a primary business partner to the top shipbuilding companies worldwide.

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Hyundai Himsen

Hyundai heavy Industries (HHI) has taken up 35% of the world's market share in diesel engines for marine and stationary purposes, which shows HYUNDAI’s superior quality.

HHI-EMD has also developed its own engine brand HiMSEN, which is specially designed as part of the ongoing efforts to provide the most practical and highest quality engines to customers.

Key advantages of the HiMSEN engine include reliability, durability, long service intervals, easy maintenance, cost efficiency in operation, and environmental friendliness. Based on its leading position in engine production, Hyundayi Heavy Industries has become the forerunner in the sector of engine power generation as well.

A great number of domestic and overseas engine power plants have given superb performance, contributing to the HYUNDAI’s high reputation.

The business activities of HHI-EMD have been further expanded into diverse fields of marine machinery such as marine pumps & turbines, ballast water treatment system (BWTS) and LNG gas solutions.

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JL Marine, established 2003 in Singapore, strives to be the market leader and the preferred supplier of HVAC and Provision Systems to the Marine and Offshore industries. JL Marine provides engineering design, supply, installation, servicing, testing and commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration Provision Systems.

JL Marine designs and produces reliable and high efficiency HVAC system incorporating energy saving and environmental friendly refrigerant. JL Marine’s design comes with option for refrigerant leakage monitoring, recovery and refrigerant management system which is in line with clean notation requirement, it is part of JL Marine’s commitment to be green and helps to preserve the environment.

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Since its foundation in 1974, as the manufacturer of air compressor & related product for the marine, petrochemical and power generation industry, DongHwa Pneutec has been focused on research & development, product performance improvement as well as new product development while establishing the most competitive facilities and production processes.

DongHwa Pneutec, the expert of air compressor with the advanced research and development capability and outstanding ability, achieved the air compressed system technology and skilled manufacturing technology to serve the high efficiency and high quality products to our customers.

 The excellent service of DongHwa Pneutec makes the end-user easy to use our products for long period of time.

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Dae Han Rope

DAEHAN ROPE has been a leading manufacturer of synthetic fibre ropes to the commercial marine and fishery industry since 1989 with an unbeatable reputation for quality, technical support and production innovation.

DAEHAN ROPE’s products are precisely engineered and manufactured to assure optimum strength, safety, service and economy. Close control over every phase of production enables DAEHAN ROPE to maintain constant quality and outstanding performance for their products.

DAEHAN ROPE is an ISO9001 / ISO14001 certificated company and the production range at DAEHAN ROPE covers mooring hawser, mooring tail, winch line, towing line made from various kinds; construction of synthetic fibre ropes, and steel wire ropes with custom made lengths and fittings.

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The company B-I Industrial had been founded more than 20 years ago.

In 1994 calibration service for gas detectors was the very first service mainly done domestically.

In 1997 B-I Industrial was the first company to acquire the patent for transportable standard gas system.

In 2015 B-I Industrial acquired MED, KR, IECEx, ATEX, Ex-proof certificate for domestic and several international patents.

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Techmarine S/W Co., LTD.

In the year 1982, Techmarine S/W Co., Ltd. decided to be a pioneer in the development of the loading computer system "Ship Manager - 88" . 

Techmarine’s first major challenge was to develop the world finest loading calculation system for container ship, bulk carrier, tanker and Ro/Ro ship. 

For around 20 years Techmarine S/W Co., Ltd. has excelled at developing loading computer that are technologically advanced and achieved the highest levels of performance in marine industry.

Techmarine’s loading computer system "Ship Manager-88" was developed in 1982 and since then it has versioned up its functions and features constantly. "Ship Manager - 88" program enables customers to verify promptly stability, trim, drafts and deflection of the hull. At the same time, Techmarine’s program calculates stability and strength automatically. The program gives customer a visible window information about calculated results for the current loading condition.

Techmarine S/W Co., Ltd. provides continuous help and advice after. A thorough training in every aspects of the software is given to the ships' crew and online support is opened 24/7. The loading computer will get continuous program maintenance with updated versions of the software.

Techmarine’s design team is continuously working to improve their simulators by adding new function, applying new technology and implementing new products developed for real ships.

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Since Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd.'s establishment as a manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use in 1917, they have built up a wealth of experience over 100 years.Today, Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. delivers highly reliable electric equipment and machinery for a large variety of vessels, from fishing boats and small vessels for coastal service, to large vessels including container ships for overseas service and passenger vessels, and bulk carriers and large tankers such as VLCC.

As a leading manufacturer of electric equipment and machinery for marine use, Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells electric equipment and machinery, including generators, various electric motors, ventilation fans, switchboards, starters and engine control consoles as well as system products such as thyristor-type shaft generating systems and inverter control systems.

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PANASIA is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy supplying facility, a leader in the global market, with their key competencies of development and product expansion have led to the development of marine and air environment protection and the provision of new renewable energy sources.

Through ongoing innovation and change, PANASIA is providing new value generation and quality services to their customers.

PANASIA operates local subsidiaries in Europe, China, and Japan, and strengthening global competitiveness by working closely with representatives from all over the world.

PANASIA will continue their journey in opening a brighter future with systematic quality management systems, strong belief in principles, and passionate staff who continue to overcome industry challenges.

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Jungwoo ENE Co., Ltd. is an incorporated company transformed in February 2010 from a part of business unit of Cryo-Genesis founded in January 2008 with a goal "becoming the world's leading company in Super Low Temperature and Ultra-High Pressure fields" and specialized in cryogenic related equipment, cryogenic related apparatuses and cryogenic engineering and ultra-high pressure related equipment, ultra-high pressure related apparatuses and lutra-high pressure related engineering.

They are well known for having excellent technology from domestic companies, academic circles and research institutes involved in the super low temperature and ultra-high pressure business, and recognized for their technical excellence from companies using or producing super low temperature and ultra-high pressure related products manufactured on the basis of advanced technology and accumulated experiences. They work on designing, engineering and manufacturing some products commissioned by related companies, which require high level of design technique, process management skills, product design capability and high technology, commissioned by related companies.

Jungwoo ENE Co., Ltd. maintains cooperative relationship with companies involved in super low temperature and ultra-high pressure business and strive for leading the world market by introducing the best quality products developed based on our innovative Super Low Temperature and Ultra-High Pressure technology.

Major Applications:

LNG Carriers, LPG Carriers, Super low temperature valve for plant use in marine shipbuilding industry, Land terminal stations and Supply system and Parts for hydrogen automotive.


Yoowon Industries Co. Ltd. is a manufacturing company where processing has been based on technology and experience in design for 40 years. Since its inauguration, Yoowon Industries Co. Ltd. has been producing and supplying high quality steering gears, filters, diverse deck machines, fin stabilizers and lubrication oil console units to major ship building companies.

Yoowon’s products are produced with the highest standards for all ship classifications such as A.B.S., D.N.V., L.R., G.L., B.V., and K.R. Yoowon Industries Co.Ltd. also obtained the international standard ISO9001 in 1997, and the IS014001 by introducing an environmental management system in 2001.

Yoowon Industries Co. Ltd. supplies products that would be impossible to make without specific technology developed over many years of experience and every one of their products is highly regarded by consumers and shipbuilders.

Yoowon assures their customers, through continual development and stringent quality control, that it is not simply satisfied with what it has done so far, but will continue to supply the world best products.


Mikasa corporation is a company established in 1917. They are well known for their business in sport goods but also for their role in the industrial production.


Stern Keeper Co., Ltd. is a company of the Keeper Co., Ltd. group. A company that designs, manufactures and installs marine parts. SKC was established in April 1989 by spinning off the shipping division of Keeper Co., Ltd. SKC offers stern tube seal device that protects the engine room.


VINSSEN is a maritime technology company leading the charge in reducing greenhouse emissions through innovative and sustainable products/solutions.


KORVAL is a control & safety valve manufacture company established in April 1993, aiming for an international valve provider. It is based on innovative valve technologies, know-hows, and valve specialist with skills and experience originated from its 25 years worldwide valve supply.

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