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Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Since their establishment in 1951 Naniwa Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd’s goal is to become the world's premier supplier of marine engine room pumps.

In recent years, Naniwa Pump has made significant progress toward the achievement of their vision by acquiring the top share in the Chinese market, which has the world’s largest annual shipbuilding volume. Naniwa Pump has also turned their focus to the area of rapidly-changing marine environmental regulations by launching the Naniwa Ecological Operation Project, a project focused on innovation in environmental conservation and energy efficiency issues. The results of this have already led to sales of new products that have been installed in many kinds of ships.

Naniwa Pump provides world-class quality and service in their quest to become the world’s premier supplier of marine engine room pumps and that earns trust and satisfaction of their customers.

Naniwa pump is a manufacturer with deep community roots. To Naniwa Pump, society as a whole is also their partner. Naniwa Pump places great importance on HSE (health, safety, and the environment), and they strive to ensure safe and healthy lives for everyone, including every employee involved with their business and all citizens of the communities Naniwa Pump serves.

Naniwa Pump also makes company-wide efforts to prevent workplace accidents and injuries and to reduce environmental impact. And Naniwa Pump is developing activities deeply rooted in the community in the areas they do business, including donations to social projects and programs, as well as volunteering and participation in local events.

Main Products: 

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps are one of the key products of Naniwa Pump Mfg. Naniwa Pump Mfg produces up to 12.000 of these pumps annually. They are designed primarily for ships, but also have an extensive track record in pumps for use on land. Naniwa Pump Mfg offer a wide-ranging line-up, from large pumps for clean water, seawater, and ballast to small and mid-sized pumps such as drinking water and boiler feed water pumps.

Rotary Gear Pumps

Naniwa Pump Manufacturing’s gear and screw pumps are proven in service for applications such as fuel and lubricating oil transfer. They are renowned for their durability and dependability, and the recent addition of gear and screw pumps for low-viscosity to Naniwa Pump Manufacturing’s lineup has expanded options for users.

1 Rotor Screw Pumps

Single screw pumps are made up of three components: a bearing housing component within the drive shaft that turns with the rotational force received from the motor; a suction casing component with a coupling rod that transmits rotation to the rotor unit; and the main pump body, which comprises the rotor and stator. The drive shaft ball bearings can withstand temperatures of up to 130°C.

2 Spindle Screw Pumps

Naniwa Pump Manufacturing offers two types of twin screw pumps. One uses an internal bearing system in which the lubrication is performed by the pump liquid for the bearings and timing gears. The other features an external bearing system that lubricates using oil.

3 Spindle Screw Pumps

The triple screw pump features three spindles. One is a double-thread screw-driving spindle, and the others are double-thread screw-driven spindles. These turn within the insert portion of the casing unit with absolutely no rotational gap, so the liquid is continuously discharged. For marine engine room applications, this can primarily be used as low-viscosity fuel oil pumps.

Piston Pumps

Naniwa Pump Manufacturing’s piston pumps are double-acting pumps with one or two cylinders. They are optimized for applications such as marine bilge and oil transfer, and offer high efficiency and reduced fluctuation of discharge pressure.

Cargo Pumping System

Naniwa Pump Manufacturing’s cargo pumps have a long history dating back to the establishment in 1974 of Naniwa-Eureka Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Norwegian company Kvaerner-Eureka A.S. And in cargo pump turbines, Naniwa Pump Manufacturing has achieved significant successes since their technical tie-up with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Takasago Machinery Works.

Other Products & System

Naniwa Pump Manufacturing can also supply products that come with marine engine room pumps as a unit.

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