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Kcc Ltd.

KCC is building the future with its eco-friendly technology. KCC produces diverse products from exterior and interior construction materials, paints and new materials to enrich customer’s life at each corner. KCC is focusing its corporate competency in developing products of high added values based on energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology.

KCC started as Keumkang Slate Industries, Ltd. in 1958, and since then has been leading technological innovation in building materials, such as glass, windows/doors, exterior/interior materials and flooring. KCC’s successful transition into the silicone business has created a wide range of high added-value products in the fields of special coatings and next-generation precision chemical engineering. Their headquarters are based in Seoul, South Korea.


KCC´s products can also be seen out in the ocean. There are many products from anti-fouling

  • that reduce fuel cost by lowering the frictional resistance of water− to insulation material
  • that prevent spread of fires on ships that sail the open sea.

Coatings for vessels and offshore plants are applied to protect the structures in extremely severe environmental conditions. Unlike structures built on land, vessels are independent marine vehicles, which means they must withstand extremely corrosive environments while securing safety and easy maintenance even when parts of the hull are damaged. In particular, most of the hulls made of iron or wood remain submerged in seawater during voyage, and the structures exposed in the air are constantly exposed to seawater droplets and intense UV rays. Therefore, proper anti-corrosive and anti-fouling coating systems are required, and that’s what KCC stands for.

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