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PANASIA is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy supplying facility, a leader in the global market, with their key competencies of development and product expansion have led to the development of marine and air environment protection and the provision of new renewable energy sources. Through ongoing innovation and change, PANASIA is providing new value generation and quality services to their customers. PANASIA operates local subsidiaries in Europe, China, and Japan, and strengthening global competitiveness by working closely with representatives from all over the world.

PANASIA will continue their journey in opening a brighter future with systematic quality management systems, strong belief in principles, and passionate staff who continue to overcome industry challenges.

PANASIA is working to enhance client satisfaction and trust by providing the best quality of their products, optimizing their smart factories and reducing production costs by minimizing waste, and innovation.

In order to produce the best quality products, PANASIA implements strict quality testing, during the stages of manufacturing, assembling, and performance testing, with each country’s classification association and authorized inspection organization.

PANASIA’s R&D facilities have worked hard over the years to develop state-of-the-art technology in the marine industry in order to be a leading force in offshore plant and environmental business. PANASIA possesses patents for their main products and technology, and they continue to invest significant funds and resources towards R&D in efforts to developing new products needed in the future.

For cost-effective product development, the process of managing orders, production, and maintenance of the entire project is managed thoroughly by utilizing the E-PANASIA System. In addition, the production system introduces cutting edge technology and automation facilities to minimize errors that can be occured in production. Optimizing production processes and reducing costs are PANASIA goals in maximizing customer satisfaction.

Main Products:

De-SOx System PaSOxTM smart V3.0

This system removes and reduces sulphur oxides, fine dust, and other pollutants that are emitted from the vessel’s engine, by using seawater and NaOH.


  • Lower / remove pollutive materials (SOx, PM) from ship’s emission
  • Method of dissolving in liquid form by contacting SOx with water
  • Designed to operate in hybrid (Open/Close) mode (Using seawater at open mode / Using NaOH at close mode)
  • Low maintenance costs / Low pressure loss
  • Using corrosion resistant materials

PaSOxTM Scrubber Types:

Version 3.0 of the Scrubber has been launched, upgrading the design based on the maximum gas flow depending on the ship’s operating conditions. PANASIA PaSOx™ Scrubber is mainly divided into U-Type and I-Type. Depending on the configuration of main engine, aux. engine and boiler etc., U–Type is composed of Single Inlet System and Multi Inlet System respectively and I-Type is classified into Single Stream System and Combined Stream System.


The Footprint in U–Type Scrubber is wider in width and shorter in height than that in I-Type. In U–Type Scrubber System, each exhaust gas discharge medium (ex. main engine, aux. engine and boiler) has its own bypass line, and dry mode is not applicable. Packing is used in the inside of Scrubber.


The Footprint in I–Type Scrubber is more narrow in width and higher in height than that in U-Type. In I–Type Scrubber System, Dry mode is available and Bypass Valve is not applied. And Packing is not used in the inside of Scrubber. I-Type is recommended if customers are concerned about cargo loss due to the lack of the space.

De-NOx SCR System PaNOxTM Marine

PANASIA’s SCR flue gas De-NOx system, PaNOx™ Marine, adopted the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) method. It is an environmentally friendly equipment that decomposes NOx present in flue gas into harmless H2O and N2, by chemically reacting the NOx with a reducing agent along a catalyst layer then discharging safely into the atmosphere.

PANASIA supply SCR systems not only for Marine application, but on land applications such as Power plants, HRSG and Boilers. Starting with installation in our test facility in 2001, PANASIA successfully supplied its first SCR system to a Korean shipyard Sept., 2011. PANASIA acquired the internationally recognized certification, TierⅢ EAIPP CERT, from KR for the first time in South Korea and also achieved type approval from DNV GL. Furthermore, PANASIA steadily developed our core technology while supplying PaNOx™ and PaNOx™ Marine.

Especially PANASIA has supplied their De-NOx facility to power generation, boiler, gas turbine and engine in California, where the most strict regulations on nitrogen, and it’s best quality and performance gives a trust to customers.

Ballast Water Treatment System(BWTS) GloEn-Patrol™

Adopting a 100% physical treatment technology, this system effectively disinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in ballast water, and this is the safest method of treating ballast water because it does not produce any toxic substances. In addition, there is no corrosion risk inside of the pipes and tanks, therefore no further pollution.

PANASIA’s ballast water treatment system, GloEn-Patrol™, has two steps to treat ballast water.

The first step is in a filter unit that not only eliminates organisms larger than 50㎛ but it also helps to minimize sediment formation in the ballast tanks, beneficial to ship’s operators in order to reduce the cost of maintenance and cleaning the ballast tanks.

The second step, is a UV Unit that sterilizes via UV irradiation, any organisms focusing on those smaller than 50㎛.

The combination of filter element and UV lamps, the two most important components, are recognized for its outstanding quality of the smart, simple and safe GloEn-Patrol™ ballast water treatment system.


  • Superior sterilizing performance
  • (100% physical treatment type)
  • Automatic Control of UV intensity in 3 stages (depending on turbidity)
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Automatic back flushing (filter), auto cleaning function (UV Lamp quartz sleeves)
  • Able to treat with no concerns in salinity and water temperature
  • Most suitable for a variety of installation applications (Vertical/Horizontal installation and no limitation on the distance of main components)
  • No use of chemical substances that induce corrosion inside the tanks
  • User Friendly interface

Retrofit Service

PANASIA thrives to be the best partner in system retrofitting on existing ships.

PANASIA provides a specialized retrofit service, which provides engineering and services for their products (BWTS, SOx Scrubber, Level Measurement system).

PANASIA is becoming a leader in the industry, providing advanced engineering and outstanding service, recognized for its technology, not only in Korea, but worldwide.

PANASIA guarantees to become the best partner for existing ships in the field of BWTS retrofit construction, by providing the best solution for their clients’ vessels.

A wide range of retrofit service options are available to PANASIA‘s customer:

Equipment Supplier

  • PANASIA Equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Demonstration

Engineering Company

  • Onboard Survey
  • Basic Design
  • Owner/ Class Plan Approval
  • Interface with Existing
  • Automation System

Design Company

  • Installation Drawings
  • Manufacturing Drawings

Outfitting Material Supplier

  • Steel Structures
  • Pipe Spools
  • Cables
  • Installation Materials

Installation Labor

  • Pipe Spools Installation
  • Laying & Connection Cables


  • Schedule Control
  • Quality Control
  • Instruction to Workers

Four types of retrofit contracts available:

Case 1: Equipment+ Construction Supervision

Case 2: Equipment+ Engineering+ Construction Supervision

Case 3: Equipment+ Engineering+ Materials for Installation (pipes, steel outfitting, electricity) + Construction Supervision

Case 4: Equipment+ Engineering+ Materials for Installation (pipes, steel outfitting, electricity) + Installation work + Construction Supervision

Measurement and Control System

This system ensures that the vessel can sail safely by measuring and controlling the quantity, temperature and gauge of fuel oil and ballast water tank. This system has monitoring and alarm functions as well.

PANASIA’s level measurement system is designed to monitor the level, volume and temperature of the liquid storage tank (liquid cargo, fuel, ballast water and etc.) of the ship as well as the draft of the ship at all times and send the signal to the control room. It is an important device installed in order to prevent marine pollution and ensure the safety of crew members through alarm functions in case of trouble.

Product Line up:

  • Cargo monitoring system (Radar beam type / Magnetic float type)
  • High & overfill alarm system (Magnetic float type / Acoustic type)
  • Tank level & draft gauging system (Air purge type / electric pneumatic type / Electric pressure transmitter type
  • Water ingress alarm system
  • Vapour emission control system
  • Fixed gas detection system
  • Pressure / temperature monitoring system
  • Bilge high level alarm system
  • Local level gauges / switches
  • Pressure switches / temperature sensors /pressure transmitters

Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) GloEn-FGS™

The IMO has established Emission Control Areas (ECA) to strengthen restrictions of emissions gas from vessels. GloEn-FGS™ is an LNG fuel supply system applied to ships equipped with LNG propulsion engines. This system is divided into the low pressure PBU type and the low pressure pump type.

Low Pressure PBU Type

  • Vacuum insulated Type “C” tank
  • Stainless steel box for PROCESS ROOM
  • Pressure build up unit
  • Tank design pressure 10 bar g
  • Gas to engine: 4 up to 6 bar g

Low Pressure Pump Type

  • Vacuum insulated or insulated Type “C” tank
  • Easy Bog handling
  • Stainless steel box for PROCESS ROOM
  • Submerged fuel gas pump
  • Tank design pressure 4 bar g
  • Gas to engine : 4 up to 6 bar g

Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Simulation PanaHIL™

This technique simulates actual offshore vessels and offshore equipment tests and thus performs inspections.

HIL simulation is a cutting edge simulation technique that increases the reliability of the system, by virtually recreating all elements of the system and connecting it with the real controller. By proactively detecting the functional and performance failures of the target system, you can increase the reliability of the system while minimizing the time / economic loss.


  • BWTS (Ballast Water Treatment System)
  • TLGS (Tank Level Gauging System)
  • VRCS (Valve Remote Control System)
  • Integration HIL (BWMS+TLGS+VRCS)
  • DPS (Dynamic Positioning System)
  • PMS (Power Management System)
  • SPT (Steering, Propulsion, Thruster)
  • Integration HIL (DPS+PMS+SPT)

Marine Satellite Control System (MSCS) PanMSCS™

Pan-MSCS™ can collect and monitor the operational status of PANASIA’s products installed on the ship at any time, regardless of location in real time via satellite. It is an ICT-based control system developed to enable crew members to easily solve problems by diagnosing problems and reporting solutions to the vessel. In addition, it helps to maintain the equipment by informing in advance when parts should be replaced.

Low Pressure PBU Type

  • PSC response: Sending product operational information and immediately respond role.
  • Diagnosing product:Monitoring the status and operating conditions, and inform the diagnosis and solutions.
  • Effectively manage spare part: Alarm service to replace parts by analysing operational data
  • UV Lamp monitoring: By analysing running time and intensity of the lamps. Determining and informing the time for replacement lamps.
  • Fleet monitoring: Monitor current location of fleet and vessels with PANASIA’s installation
  • Offshore Water Filtration GloEn-Filter™

GloEn-Filter™ is a system optimized for high capacity water treatment, for both onshore and offshore, eliminating harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens in ballast water. Various kinds of coolant, waste water, irrigation water, water supply, and treated water supply can be applied to filtration, providing high filter performance through automatic back flushing.


  • Automatic back flushing
  • Choose from various filters, according to use
  • Effective filtration
  • Easy/safe maintenance
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Explosion proof (optional)
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