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Nakashima Propeller Co., Ltd.

As a general propulsion system manufacturer, Nakashima designs, manufactures, and offers a wide variety of tunnel-type thrusters. Nakashima side thrusters can be used in a wide range of vessels including domestic freight vessels, fishing vessels, large-size ferries, roll-on/roll-off vessels, and large-size container carriers.

Side thrusters


The controllable pitch propeller-type Model TCT is a high-performance tunnel-type thruster. It provides good maneuverability because the direction and scale of thrust can be changed by controlling the blade angle of the propeller


  • Use of forward-skew blades minimizes cavitation and as a result, low vibration and low noise are achieved.
  • The Model TCT, which is slightly smaller than the Model TC, can generate the same level of thrust. As a result, the Model TCT can be mounted closer to the bow, so a greater rotation moment is applied to the vessel.
  • Oil management on the ship is easy, since the same type of oil is used. The load fluctuation is reduced by use of a high-precision gear that increases reliability.


Using the fixed pitch propeller-type Model TFN, the direction and scale of thrust can be easily controlled by the revolution and rotation direction of the prime mover. Since the model can be used with hydraulic motors, electric motors, and diesel engines, it is used on various types of vessels.


  • Since the model is a fixed pitch propeller type, it has a simplified structure allowing easy maintenance and inspection.
  • Since the entire system has a simplified structure, it can be easily mounted on vessels and used on various types of vessels.
  • The propulsion system is environmentally friendly because high efficiency is achieved in the entire system due to the use of the propeller most suitable to the prime mover used.
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