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JL Marine

JL Marine is a HVAC solution provider, they provide engineering design, supply, installation, servicing, testing and commissioning of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration Provision Systems for the marine and offshore industries.

JL Marine Designs & Produce, Reliable and high efficiency HVAC system incorporating energy saving and environmental friendly refrigerant. Their design come with option for refrigerant leakage monitoring, recovery and refrigerant management system which is in line with clean notation requirement, it is part of our commitment to be green and helps to preserve the environment.

Main Products:

Chiller Plant:

JL Marine Chill Water Unit are compact self-contained unit that supply low temperature chill water to Air Handling Unit to cool down the air which distribute to the cabins/rooms at the desired temperature. It is designed as an optimised, compact & robust, high efficiency with high accuracy temperature control & monitoring with Siemens PLC control System.


  • Cooling capacities from 100 to 2000kW.
  • Compact design.
  • PLC controls.
  • Marine Type Compressors: Compact Screw Compressor
  • or Semi-Hermetic Compressor or Open Reciprocating Compressor.
  • Cu tube condenser for freshwater, Cu/Cu air cooled condenser for air cool.
  • Other material combinations and coatings are available on request.
  • Chiller Units can be made to comply with LRS, DNV-GL, ABS, BV, RINA Class and more.
  • Ethernet connection for remote control and monitoring are available.
  • Vibration dampers, flexible connections for refrigerant and water pipes are supplied as standard.

Condensing Unit:

JL Marine Condensing Units are designed for Marine/Offshore HVAC systems incorporating high quality components for harsh marine seagoing and offshore environments.

This unit is built on a skid frame composed of the compressor block, electrical motor, oil separator, condenser cooler and drier, etc. as a compact, robust unit with all electrical and inter piping fully connected for easy site installation and thus reducing substantial site work. The compressors are world-renowned brands like “Bitzer”, “Carrier”, or “Bock”. It operates either seawater or fresh water cooled shell and tube heat exchanger, or remote Air Cooled. JL Marine Provision condensing units are designed exclusively for marine/offshore provision store by using fresh/seawater cooled or air cooled condensers with 2 x 100% capacity compressors and condensers, one operating on both chilled and freezing room, one as standby.


  • Cooling capacities from 2 to 100kW.
  • customised Designed.
  • Compact design.
  • Electromechanical Or PLC controls.
  • Marine Type Compressors.
  • Cu/Ni shell and tube condenser for seawater, cast iron shell and Cu tube condenser for freshwater, Cu/Cu air cooled condenser for air cool. Other material combinations and coatings are available on request.
  • Condensing Units can be made to comply with LRS, DNV-GL, ABS, BV, RINA and more.
  • Quick-freeze function, enabling operation with 2 X 100% compressors during pull down period.
  • PLC-controlled defrosting enables consecutive cooler defrosting for optimised room temperature control (provision plant only).
  • Plants are available with refrigerants R404A, R134A and R407C Or other refrigerant on request
  • Ethernet connection for remote control and monitoring are available.


JL Marine Air Handling Units (AHU) are flexible and individually designed for Marine Offshore HVAC systems and supply certain amounts of fresh air, mixing with the return air, cooling down or heating up treatment and distributing them to the cabins/rooms at the desired temperature.

JL Marine has a wide range of standard AHU with airflow capacity from 4,000 m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr and also designs customised units with all the components used based on our customers’ requirements, including Ex-Proof features and components or specific sizes to meet space constraints. The units are built according to the specifications, delivered with all necessary accessories and will minimise installation work on board.


  • JL Marine customised AHU to meet all requirement.
  • Wide range capacity & sizes.
  • Airflow capacity which is from 4,000 m3/hr to 30,000m3/hr (Standard) – other customised capacity are available on request.
  • Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fan Section with maximum negative pressure.
  • SS 316L Drain Pan & Double Drain Outlet.
  • Steam, hot water or electric heating coils.
  • Chill water or Direct Expansion Cooling.
  • Built In Humidifiers & Silencers etc.

Packaged Unit:

JL Marine packaged units are self-contained air conditioning units with all components fully assembled as a compact unit. It operates either seawater cooled, fresh water cooled, air cooled or other tailor made units to meet the customer’s requirement.

These units can be used for all kinds of small capacity air conditioning requirements. Cold-rolled steel sheet casing and rigid galvanized steel frame. The casing is thermally insulated to prevent condensation and surface treatment by plastic spraying to resist corrosion. Plenum with adjustable grill and optional for fresh air intake as well.


  • Cooling capacities from 10.5 to 105 kW.
  • Cooling coil for direct expansion or chiller water.
  • High efficiency centrifugal fan.
  • Hermetically sealed scroll or semi-seal reciprocating type compressor with low sound generation.
  • Cu/Ni shell and tube condenser for seawater, cast iron shell and Cu tube condenser for freshwater, Cu/Cu air cooled condenser for air cool. Other material combinations and coatings are available on request.
  • Standard refrigerant R404A or R407C, or other refrigerants are available on request.
  • Air filter (EU-2) with optional for EU-4.
  • Control panel with motor protection by thermal overload relay, temperature control and compressor control.
  • Specially designed 100% fresh air packaged unit for Galley with various capacities.

Deck Unit:

JL Marine Deck Units are compact Air Conditioning plants where the Condensing Unit and Air Handling Unit are combined on a common skid. JL Marine’s Deck Units are factory-tested, expansion valve can be factory-set and fine-tuned in factory for optimum operating condition, thus reduces installation work on site.


  • All in One Compact Unit.
  • Robust Build.
  • Best Quality.
  • Ease of site installation.

Ventilation Unit:

Mechanical Fans and accessories are essential for ventilating of machinery spaces to maintain acceptable working conditions for people and installed equipment in the compartment. JL Marine supplies various ventilation equipment like Axial, centrifugal, Cent. In Line Duct Fans, Weather Tight Louvers, Mushroom and Gooseneck Ventilators to meet various ventilation requirements.

Fire Dampers:

JL Marine ensures the safety of the vessels to meet class requirement by supplying various types of class type approved fire dampers. We supply various types of class type approved fire dampers either of manual operated type with fusible link melting at ~740C and Electrical or Pneumatic operated type which depending on the vessel’s requirement.


  • Dampers are made in both rectangular and circular versions.
  • Blades with sealing (A60).
  • Nominal release temperatures of fuses are 500C, 740C or 1000C, other release temperatures are also available on request.
  • Standard frame material thickness is 3 mm. Material thickness 3-5 mm according to SOLAS is available on request.
  • Electrical spring return motor with built-in open/closed limit switches; standard actuators being BF24, BF24-T (24VAC 50/60Hz 24VDC), BF230, BF230-T (230VAC 50/60Hz) or BF120 (120VAC 50/60Hz), separate junction box.
  • Pneumatic linear actuator, material AISI 316.
  • Pneumatic rotating actuator.
  • Manual spring-actuated damper with fusible link.
  • Manual override function for EL and PNL models.
  • Limit Switches etc.


JL Marine is capable of supplying the complete range of accessories for A/C and mechanical ventilation ducting system.

Ducting – Rectangular Duct or Spiral Duct: The ducting are light-weight, which made of galvanised sheet steel. Uninsulated and pre-insulated duct and fittings with variable size. The customised and standardised components comprise a range of ducts and fittings which afford ideal possibilities of easy and quick assembly of air duct systems.

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