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Stern Keeper CO., LTD. (SKC)

Stern Keeper Co., Ltd. is a company of the Keeper Co., Ltd. group. A company that designs, manufactures and installs marine parts.

SKC was established in April 1989 by spinning off the shipping division of Keeper Co., Ltd.

SKC offers stern tube seal device that protects the engine room.


It replaces gland packing.

This is a seawater lubricated stern tube sealing device.

The "Stern Keeper SKC model", created by SKC´s long track record and experience, has successfully solved all the problems and challenges of conventional mechanical seal type stern tube seal devices.

Its ease of use and sense of security are evident throughout, such as the fixed sliding ring that can be used on both sides and the highly secure emergency seal. In addition, it has been adopted in many types of ships such as passenger ships, ferry boats, various cargo ships, escort ships, icebreakers, patrol boats, work boats, and fishing boats.

It has a wide range of use with shaft diameters ranging from φ65 to 736 mm.

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